Thursday, 21 August 2014

Richard III

22 August 1485, arguably the most controversial, and certainly the most vilified and maligned Monarch in English history is killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field. He died heroically charging into the thick of the  enemy to seek out and engage his opponent, the usurper Henry Tudor, in single combat, and with the battle lost rather than demand a horse to carry him from the field he declined one.   

But is he truly the most England's most villainous King?  Did he murder the Princes in the Tower?

Not according to the vote on our Website, and if so he remains the only English King with his own effective fan club.

Had he been the legitimate heir to the throne, all along? As the illegitimate grandson of the fourth son of Edward III, Henry Tudor certainly wasn't

And so the controversy rages 

See: Richard III: A Villain for all Time at 

The Princes in the Tower at

Have your say, and cast your vote.


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