Thursday, 29 January 2015

Rasputin: The Devil Made Flesh

Rasputin: The Mad Monk

The homosexual transvestite Prince Felix Yusupov whom some believe murdered Rasputin out of revenge for being spurned.

Rasputin with Princess Irina Felixovna Yusupova, the wife of his assassin and said to be the most beautiful woman in Russia.

Another one of his disciples, Olga Lokhina, became convinced that Rasputin was Christ and she the Holy Virgin. She had earlier abandoned her wealthy husband and children to devote herself to Rasputin, and was to be seen in the street holding his penis and saying, “You are Christ and I am your ewe.” Rasputin called her a skunk who demanded sin.

“I went to see Rasputin and he sat down across from me and placed my legs between his knees. Something ruthless and terrible was staring at me from the depths of his eyes. He said, “You want to know what sin is,” and pulled me into the bedroom, tearing off my dress as he went. The next moment I became aware of his savage animal desire. The last thing I remember was his tearing off of my underwear then I passed out. When I woke I found myself lying on the ground torn and defiled.”

Rasputin and his Women

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