Monday, 24 February 2014

Just a few poll updates from the Website:

Can the bombing of Dresden during World War II be justified?

Yes: 6
No:  4
Other: 1

Who murdered the Princes in the Tower?

Henry VII: 14
Richard III: 8
Duke of Buckingham: 8
Margaret Beaufort: 7

Who Was Jack the Ripper?

Montague John Druitt: 13
George Chapman: 6
Francis Tumblety: 5
Prince Albert Victor: 4
Joseph Barnett: 4
Aaron Kosminsky:2
Other: 4

Salem Witch Trials -What caused them?

Local Rivalry: 8
Young Girls Fantasy: 6
Religious Fanaticism: 5
Superstition: 4
Other: 2

Was the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff a War Crime?

Yes: 2
No: 9

Was Mary, Queen of Scots also the legitimate Queen of England?

Yes: 13
No: 2
Other: 2

Did Christopher Marlowe write Shakespeare's plays?

Yes: 6
No: 5
Other: 1

Vote, leave a comment and have your say. 

Let's get a snapshot of what the people think and not those who use their expertise to peddle their own agenda.

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